Saville Kushner

Your Stories of School

What are your memories of school and childhood?

Who are you - and how did you come to be so?

In the book, School: an Exposé, I question just how much school helped me fashion who I am and how I have lived – how little it equipped me to deal with challenges. I formed fine relationships with many of my teachers, but even they were too often let down by the system of schooling.

Your experience will be quite different. Perhaps you have more positive stories of schooling, and, no doubt, wholly different memories.  But everyone I have spoken to about this book has rich and insightful stories to tell of their school days, often more intriguing and informative than mine. Feel free to share your stories here, and read the stories others have to tell.

But more than this –

How would you like schools to be?

Imagine it was up to each and every school to design an education fit for their local children, families and businesses. How do you think schools and classrooms might look? In the book I have some suggestions, but you might disagree with these, you might see things differently. You may well be perfectly content with the education you and your children receive. Feel free to take exception, to make argument with me, to give other sides of the story I tell.

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